• Responsive layout maker

    Responsive layout maker

    It's an example of a design I've done !
    Managing all present data on the actual version of this site and then bringing it in a new fresh and dynamic responsive layout was a challenge that I really enjoyed.
    So, if you're looking for a similar fresh result, do not hesitate asking it ;)

    design test naseba
  • Artistic projects

    Art projects conceptor

    The BURQS will be online soon !
    This online project aims to identify the positions of the metalic sculptures (called BURQS) made by a belgian artists.
    The project will allow to access each place and to get a preview of the sculpture in its new environment...

    artistic project online
  • visualizing data

    Data visualizer

    visualising data is the summit of my pleasure. It's another way to see written or spoken data we deal with each day. It only needs a bit of imagination and creativity to make our world more beautiful. whether it was about determining origin of students of the esiaj where I studied, or any other data. You should know that I'll be always interested.

    visualizing your data
  • Investigative design

    Investigative designer

    "Terminus Gaza" my graduation project.
    The reason why I chose to make this web documentary was to satisfy the will of working on new rich media projects and on the other hand satisfying my curiosity. And as such creating a good design with a well-built scenario which was the fruit of months of investigating.

    Web documentary design and developement

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